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Ethel & Ernest: Universally Adored after Premiere

Ethel & Ernest is a project ACK are proud to have been involved with over the past few years. The animated film follows the lives of Ethel & Ernest, a milkman and a mum, raising their son and navigating world wars, political turmoil, and cultural revolutions in London. The story and characters are straight out of the childhood memories of author Raymond Briggs, who is known for books such as The Snowman and When the Wind Blows, and the film is based based on his graphic novel of the same name. It's a touching ode from a son to his parents.

At the London Film Festival 2016, the film finally arrived. And to glowing reviews.

As the Hollywood Reporter put it:

It’s commonly thought that artists seldom make stories about happy, stable marriages because where’s the drama in that? Ethel & Ernest, a deeply affecting feature-length animated film, disproves that assumption by unfurling an emotionally rich story about the lifelong marital love affair between two kindly, modest people living in an inconspicuous corner of suburban England.

But don't trust their word for it. To name a few, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Evening Standard, and The Daily Mail all praise the film.

Ethel & Ernest will have a limited theatrical release as well as Christmas-time broadcast on BBC.

ACK Media Law provided production legals from development through post-production to producers Lupus Films.

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