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Privacy and Data

With just a click of a button it is possible to share our most private thoughts and memories with millions of strangers.  Our privacy can be violated in a careless moment, or a company secret leaked to a competitor in a quick email.  It is no surprise, therefore, that the law relating to private information and personal data is quickly evolving, and only a specialist in this area is able to advise you or your organisation in today’s data-driven and highly connected world. 

We provide practical advice on how to bolster your defences against intrusions into your privacy or organisation’s confidential information. Where appropriate we can advise and seek an injunction to restrain publication of private or confidential material. If information has already been published, we can take action to ensure that you or your organisation are fully compensated for any losses that you may have suffered.

We can advise you or your organisation in the most challenging of circumstances, including:


  • Where media organisations or individuals have or intend to publish your private or confidential information.

  • Where your personal data and/or confidential information has been hacked or leaked or misused.

  • Revenge porn and image based abuse.

  • To make subject access requests, erasure (right to be forgotten) requests, Freedom of Information requests, or requests under the Environmental Information Regulations.

  • To bring claims in the County Court or the High Court for data protection breaches, misuse of private information, breach of confidence, and other related claims.

  • To bring claims in the Information Tribunal.

  • Injunctive relief applications

  • Breach of reporting restrictions and contempt of court

  • To make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office

  • To challenge decisions of the Information Commissioner’s Office



If you are a publisher or broadcaster and would like to ensure that material that you are about to publish does not constitute a breach of confidence or an infringement of privacy or a breach of data protection legislation, we can advise you every step of the way.  We can also advise your organisation on:

  • How to approach and defend claims for breach of confidentiality, data protection legislation, and misuse of private information.

  • Communications with the Information Commissioner’s Office

  • How to respond to subject access, erasure (right to be forgotten), and Freedom of Information requests

  • Challenging decisions of the Information Commissioner’s Office

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