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Intellectual Property

The innovative designs, creative content and recognisable brands created by you, or your business, give you a competitive edge that is essential to maintain. As well as the economic value of establishing safeguards to protect your rights, the production of inferior products can damage the reputation and desirability of your brand and content.


We can help you manage your intellectual property by advising on a variety of IP-related agreements including assignments, licences and establishing chain of title.  If you need to enforce your IP rights or your IP is being exploited without your permission, we can help you to resolve matters, often without resorting to court litigation.  Most individuals and businesses will remove infringing promotions or content upon receiving a letter from us. We also regularly use the take down procedures of online shopping platforms, such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon, to remove the listings of counterfeit products.  We use Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service to prevent cybersquatting of our clients’ trading and product names.


We also have decades of experience defending IP claims, including on the tracks of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, the Intellectual Property List, and the Appeals Courts. 


The areas we regularly advise on


  • Copyright                       

  • Trademarks         

  • Passing off                    

  • Domain name disputes

  • Image rights

  • Database rights


We often advise clients prior to publication on how to minimise the risk of IP disputes arising by providing clearance advice in relation to a range of different media including books, articles, clips, photographs, advertisements, TV shows and films.

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