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Content Clearance and Regulation

It is essential to ensure that exposure to legal risks is minimised prior to publication or broadcast of audio-visual, online and printed content.  Insurance companies will usually require a legal review of content for publication prior to providing errors and omissions insurance for a production or publication. 


We provide regular pre-publication advice to major magazine publishers, television broadcasters and production companies, other media related organisations, and individuals. Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to provide tailored solutions to reduce risk and overcome barriers to publication.


We advise sources and other third parties on the legal liabilities and risks associated with contributing information and content to another party’s publication or broadcast.  We also advise on the discrete specialist legal points which may arise during your own in-house legal review of content.


Some of the content we review


Documentaries, scripted and non-scripted drama, films, clips, footage, articles, news, photographs, books, websites, documents, transcripts, advertisements and campaigns, podcasts


Common legal issues we consider during clearance


  • Defamation and Malicious Falsehood

  • Intellectual Property including the copyright fair dealing exemptions

  • Privacy

  • Confidentiality

  • Compliance with the relevant regulatory codes (e.g. Ofcom, IPSO, IMPRESS, ASA, and the ICO)

  • Contempt of Court and reporting restrictions

  • Advertising law

  • Data Protection

  • Contractual and licensing issues

  • Chain of title

  • Whistleblowing protection  


Whether you have a discrete legal issue you wish to run past us, or require a full legal review of content, our media litigation team is on hand to offer practical and cost-effective advice at any time, and we can respond to legal queries on a tight deadline.



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