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Brand Management and Protection 

We know that the core value of a brand is rooted in market awareness, customer loyalty, association, and the quality of your products or services.  Key to building and marketing that brand is the considered exploitation of intellectual property rights and the protection of those rights and the business’s reputation. 


At ACK Media Law we help our clients get the most from their intellectual property rights, whether by assisting in relation to their exploitation including advice on content licensing and rights acquisition or affording the legal protection to protect or enforce rights.  Some competitors may also seek to misuse or damage your brand to divert your customers to their businesses.  In this situation, we use our in-depth knowledge of defamation, malicious falsehood, advertising rules, and intellectual property law to get the best outcome for you.


Common brand protection issues


  • You would like to register your trading names and product names as trademarks.

  • A competitor is making unfair or misleading comparisons between your products and its products in its advertising.

  • A reviewer has unfairly criticised your products or services.

  • A competitor is using your goodwill and intellectual property to confuse customers into buying its goods and services.

  • An advertisement of a competitor suggests that your business is connected to or endorses its products or services.  

  • A competitor is using your company or trading name or product name in the headline of its Google Ad and/or keywords.

  • An individual or business has plagiarised your copyright works.

  • Your brand and intellectual property are being used to promote and sell counterfeit products.

  • Another business is using your name or trademark in its website domain name.

  • A competitor is denigrating your brand, products or services and you would like it to stop.


Whatever your issue, we can identify the best way to establish, manage, exploit, and protect a brand.  We can advise you on solutions to protect your brand in the long-term, and how to prevent competitors from misusing your brand and goodwill.  We also offer brand protection advice on a fixed retainer including online marketplace checks and the sending of cease-and-desist letters and reports to the relevant social media companies and marketplaces.  

and Management and Protection 

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